Theme Options

customizer-tnAvery takes full advantage of the core WordPress customizer allowing you to customize the most common areas of the theme without getting in the way of more advanced customizations.

In this article, we’ll go over the general customizer options as well as some more advanced topics for those who like to roll up their sleeves and get into code. We’ll start with the header and work our way down with the customizer options.

Header Options

  • Header Logo
    • Upload a custom image
  • Header Background
    • Custom background color picker
  • Header Padding
    • Add custom spacing around the header
  • Centered Header
    • Centers the header contents (logo and navigation)
  • Menu Placement
    • Display menu to the right or below header logo
  • Menu Item Spacing
    • Horizontal spacing between menu links
  • Menu Vertical Offset
    • Custom vertical alignment of the menu

Layout Options

  • Container Width
    • Customize the maximum container width (960px/1140px/1200px/1400px/1600px)
  • Content Columns Width
    • Customize the content/sidebar width
  • Default Sidebar Position (left or right)
    • Sidebar and Title may be disabled on a per-page basis

Color Options

  • Primary Brand Color
  • Primary Accent Color
  • Default Text Color
  • Default Link Color
  • Default Link Hover Color
  • Navigation Link Color
  • Navigation Link Hover Color
  • Header Background Color
  • Footer Background Color
  • Body Background Color/Image


In addition to the options available in the header controls, the Navigation panel offers quick settings to your menus as well as breadcrumb menu settings.

Blog Options

  • Display Post Thumbnails
  • Select Post Thumbnail Size
  • Display Post Title
  • Display Post Authors
  • Display Post Date
  • Display Tags
  • Display Categories
  • Display Comment Counts
  • Display Post Summary
  • Display Single Post Pagination

Typography Options

  • Select 2 font stacks from Google Web Fonts or system fonts
  • Apply custom selected font stacks to primary text and H1 – H5 headings
  • Apply preset colors to primary text and H1 – H5 headings