Responsive Videos

Don’t worry about embedded videos breaking your responsive layout in Synapse. Using the [youtube] shortcode, you can display your responsive videos in a beautiful full screen quality with built-in HTML5 with Flash fallback. See below for the features available.

Available Parameters for the youtube shortcode:

Parameter Values Description
id HJSxwwZI4XI ID of the video
responsive true or false Embeds a full width responsive video
showinfo true or false Displays video information
branding true or false Removes the YouTube logo from control bar
hd true or false Displays video in High Definition
width Numeric value (in pixels) Sets the width of the video (non-responsive only)
height Numeric value (in pixels) Sets the height of the video (non-responsive only)
autoplay true or false Start playing the video when the page loads
controls true or false Shows or hides the video playbar
theme light or dark Styles the player in a light or dark theme


[youtube responsive="true" autoplay="false" controls="false" id="HJSxwwZI4XI" showinfo="true" hd="true"]