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The Layout Builder helps you construct your content
with drag-and-drop reordering of entire sections

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Easily insert content columns, post grids, videos, galleries and stylized sections.

Beautiful Balanced Content

Layout Builder Introduction

Creating and making changes to carefully constructed content can often be a daunting task. The Layout Builder looks to solve this problem with a lightweight frontend solution that yields beautiful and professional looking results.

Basic Content

The basic content row is useful for headings and general copy that you normally use in WordPress. You can use shortcodes and images the same way you’re used to.

Content Columns

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily balance content within a row of columns, this is a great way to edit side-by-side without going over your character limit.

Image Galleries

Adding galleries is seriously easy. Just drag in some images, reorder, edit, and set how many columns to display. It’ll even create a lightboxed gallery for you.

Styled Sections

Call to actions are those blocks of content that stand out from the rest. This layout block type gives you a nice well-balanced area to focus on your main message.

Post Grids

If you need to reference a few blog posts in your page, the Post Grid will give you some helpful options to display them with a custom look and feel.

Get Creative!

Combine any of the available content blocks with icons, images and shortcodes to deliver amazing looking content.

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