Mobius WordPress Theme

A Better Web Experience

“Mobius is a simple WordPress theme aimed at users seeking an attractive, professional look with complete control over customization.”


Mobius works flawlessly with all the latest handheld and mobile devices as well as popular desktop browsers down to IE7.

It has tons of built-in functionality empowering you to build beautiful websites while focusing on content instead of code.

Mobius WordPress Theme

Beautiful Color Presets!

We’ve built 10 vivid presets into Mobius from earthtones to business and even a few other brilliant colors to choose from. You can use them “as-is” or as a starting point for your own customizations.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a powerful WP plugin that can transform your site into a full-fledged CMS in a fraction of the time. ACF helps to dramatically reduce development costs when your client needs something more than “Pages”.

Powerful Shortcodes

Shortcodes are reusable little snippets that can produce impressive results with minimal effort. You and your clients can easily add tabbed content, accordions, buttons, callouts and lots more — right inside the WordPress editor.

Fully Responsive

Whether your visitors are visiting from a desktop, tablet or any other mobile device, it’s nice to know your site is automatically presenting your content in the most visually appealing way possible. Mobius is fully-responsive to all devices.