A Theme for Everyone

A Theme for Everyone

Thanks for checking out Presstige! If you've ever built a WordPress website, then you know how important it is to have a solid theme foundation. Presstige delivers!
Multiple Button Styles

Multiple Button Styles

Presstige allows you easily add stunning buttons to your content. Gone are the tedious days of making buttons from images. These guys are powered by pure CSS and displays nicely in all major browsers including Internet Explorer!


Like Slideshows?

You can easily create professional slideshows and add them to any page within your WordPress website.

What's This?

Presstige is a WordPress theme available exclusively from simplethemes.com. If you're looking for a theme that's versatile, with a style that looks good on a business site, but can also be a little more fun for blogging, then we think you're going to love Presstige. With any theme you purchase at Simple Themes, you'll get your questions answered, and even some help with general customization.

Multiple Color Styles

imgThe Presstige WordPress theme is currently available in 6 color styles. When you download Presstige, you’ll get all these great color styles including the layered Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop files which can be used to derive your own customizations.

Content Templates

Content Templates are custom layouts that can be further customized right inside the WordPress visual editor. Content templates make it extremely easy for you to modify each layout without the need to wade neck deep in HTML code.

Powerful Shortcodes

Simply put, shortcodes are easy to understand snippets of text that help make your WordPress life easier. These short snippets enable even the novice user to perform dynamic and powerful functions in what would normally be several lines of HTML and PHP code.

Get Started with the Presstige WordPress Theme Today!

WordPress makes it super easy to build a blog, but your theme is what makes the big difference when building a real-world website. The Presstige WordPress theme puts you back in the driver's seat, giving you all the necessary tools to easily author professional content.

Slideshows Anywhere

Presstige comes fully integrated with a beautiful featured slider, allowing you to create multiple slideshows with fading images, text, and just about anything you want to display. Best of all, we've packaged this into a custom post type allowing you to create and insert as many slideshows anywhere you want.

Beautiful Typography

The main role of the Presstige WordPress theme is to deliver readable content to your users and provide an enjoyable editing experience to admins and contributing writers. As you add your content to Presstige, you'll notice how the editor just works better with your text and images.

Page Specific Layouts

Whenever you create a Page or Post using Presstige, you’ll be given the option for sidebar placement. As an example, some blog posts and pages with galleries or other media objects may require a wider layout, or you may just want to show the sidebar in a different position for a specific page or post.