Skeleton is easy to use right out of the box, but it also has some nice improvements for power users. See the list of available Shortcodes below. These are gathered from around the web and have proven to be extremely useful with little or no impact on the theme performance.


Because Skeleton is a free theme hosted on the repository, the supporting shortcodes and additional styles are considered “plugin territory” and therefore must be installed separately as a plugin in order to work properly. If you’re using Skeleton and would like to take advantage of these shortcodes within the theme, please download and install the smpl-shortcodes plugin.


You can use several fractional combinations to suit your needs, so long as the last column has a suffix of “_last”. See example below.

Available Options – Up to 6 columns
  • one_third
  • two_thirds
  • one_half
  • one_fourth
  • three_fourths
  • one_fifth
  • two_fifth
  • three_fifth
  • four_fifth
  • one_sixth
  • five_sixth


You can add some nice cross-browser CSS3 buttons as well. View more examples and available parameters here.

which produces the following result:


You can create tabs within your content as well. Each tab needs a unique id (identifier) in order to work.

which will output:

  • Tab 1 content
  • Tab 2 content
  • Tab 3 content

Toggle Panels

You can create accordion-like toggle panels within your content as well

Will produce:

Button text One

Button Text Two

Button Text Three

Callout Box

Insert a rounded cornered box of content.


This is a 320px centered callout box. You can pretty much enter any content or other shortcodes (such as buttons) in this box.

Latest Posts

Insert a list of latest posts from specified category(s) into any page with optional thumbnail and excerpt.

Related Posts

Insert a list of related (tagged) posts.


No-Hassle HTML

Sometimes you need to manually enter more complex markup in your Pages/Posts. WordPress automatically wraps a P tag arund every line break by default. This is a blessing to most, but annoying if you’re trying to take a little more control. Previously the [raw] tags were used. This feature has been deprecated. Now you can just add a custom field of “wpautop” with a value of “false” to disable automatic paragraph formatting on a page by page basis.


If you ever need to clear an element, you can use the “clear” shortcode below.

Clear with Horizontal line:

Similar to “clear”, this does the same thing but adds a horizontal line below.


Layout Customization Hooks

You can find a list of these functions in the top of the functions.php file:

  • skeleton_above_header // Hook to add content before header
  • skeleton_header // Opening header tag and logo/header text
  • skeleton_header_extras // Additional content may be added to the header
  • skeleton_below_header // Hook to add content after header
  • skeleton_navbar // Opening navigation element and WP3 menus
  • skeleton_before_content // Opening content wrapper
  • skeleton_after_content // Closing content wrapper
  • skeleton_before_sidebar // Opening sidebar wrapper
  • skeleton_after_sidebar // Closing sidebar wrapper
  • skeleton_before_footer // Opening footer wrapper
  • skeleton_footer // The footer (includes sidebar-footer.php)
  • skeleton_after_footer // The closing footer wrapper