Theme Options

Stellar takes full advantage of the core WordPress customizer allowing you to customize the most common areas of the theme without getting in the way of more advanced customizations.

In this article, we’ll go over the general customizer options as well as some more advanced topics for those who like to roll up their sleeves and get into code. We’ll start with the header and work our way down.

Layout Max Width

Stellar is a unique style of theme with a persistent sticky header. As long as the header content is the same or less than the user’s viewport, it will remain “sticky” which allows the main body to scroll independently. Because the content is responsive, it will adapt to most of your audience’s screen size. For larger displays (over 1400px) the
Layout Max Width
setting allows you to customize your preferred method of flexibility: Align Left, Align Center, and Fluid.


Again, the unique design of Stellar is that the header is also the sidebar. The customizer allows you to choose your background color, text color, link and link hover colors as well as upload your custom logo image.

Color Presets

Stellar comes with 6 color presets that will populate your color palette for you. Of course, you can use these as a starting point and customize them to fit your brand. The color controls out of the box are:

  • Primary Brand Color
  • Secondary Brand Color
  • Text Color
  • Link Color
  • Link Hover Color
  • Header Background Color
  • Header Text Color
  • Header Link Color
  • Footer Background Color
  • Footer Text Color
  • Background Color

Breadcrumb Menu

Stellar comes with a built in breadcrumb menu that can be displayed in various configurations. By default this is hidden on the home page and may be displayed on your blog only, pages, or site-wide.

Blog Options

The blog options give you the ability to specify how you’d like your featured post images to display (inline wide, wide top, thumbnail left, thumbnail right, or disabled).
Additional options allow you to enable/disable the following features:

  • Display Post Thumbnails
  • Select Post Thumbnail Size
  • Display Post Title
  • Display Post Authors
  • Display Post Date
  • Display Tags
  • Display Categories
  • Display Comment Counts
  • Display Post Summary
  • Display Single Post Pagination


  • Select 2 font stacks from Google Web Fonts or system fonts
  • Apply custom selected font stacks to primary text and H1 – H5 headings
  • Apply preset colors to primary text and H1 – H5 headings