An Amazingly Simple, Mobile-Friendly WordPress Theme

Synapse is a versatile and responsive WordPress theme that looks good on smart phones, tablets, and of course desktop browsers. It's easy to set up and looks good "right out of the box".

What Can Synapse Do?

The term “theme” usually implies general "look and feel", but Synapse is so much more than just a theme – It’s a tool for web developers of all experience levels. You’ll easily get what you see here right out of the box, but Synapse was also built for web publishers whose clients have very specific needs. Below are just a few of the powerful features offered in Synapse:

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Unlimited Audience

Responsive to Mobile and Tablet Devices


It’s pretty clear that responsive web design is not just another fad or trend. Cisco recently predicted an 18-fold growth rate in mobile traffic data. Synapse is ready for it, offering a seamless response to modern mobile and tablet devices.

Intuitive Admin Panel

Common Sense Settings


Synapse gives you complete control over your layouts, typography, colors, header, background images, and much more. There’s a good chance that most questions can be answered right from the theme settings panel.

Four Color Presets

Vivid Color Styles


Whether you like to click and go, or prefer to customize things a little, Synapse comes bundled with 4 color presets to get you started. If you’re a power user, the Photoshop & Fireworks sources are included. We’ve also meticulously organized and commented the CSS for advanced customization.

Content Templates

Build Beautiful Pages Fast


Content Templates are great for all user levels, allowing you to simply click a button, choose a layout, and insert professional looking content in a snap. Create landing pages, product pages, feature pages, staff directories, and more. Go full screen and get exactly what you see.

Beautiful Typography

Just Add Content


Typography is extremely important. After all, it is your content! Synapse empowers you with all the tools you’ll need to build attractive pages with minimal effort. We’ve put this theme to the test and have carefully balanced out all the common HTML elements so all you need to do is add content.

Powerful Content Control

All the Right Shortcodes


We were very careful to exercise restraint and not to bloat the theme with millions of features that you may never even use. Instead, we’ve simply added the most useful shortcodes and functions to help you deliver well-balanced content in a fraction of the time it might take you to hand-code yourself.