Device-Specific Shortcodes

Synapse has built-in shortcodes which allow you to market to device-specific users of your site. Resize your browser window (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) to see the shortcode in action. See the example below for examples on how to use this awesome shortcode in your content.

Desktop Only

Content shown on desktop device resolutions.

Handheld/Mobile Only

Content shown on handheld/mobile device resolutions.

Tablet Only

Content shown on tablet device resolutions.

Example Source Code:
//Desktop Only
[display device="desktop"]Content shown <strong>on desktop</strong> device resolutions.[/display]
// Mobile Only
[display device="handheld"]Content shown <strong>on mobile</strong> device resolutions.[/display]
// Tablet Only
[display device="tablet"]Content shown <strong>on tablet</strong> device resolutions.[/display]
// Chaining Example
// Shown on Tablet and Handheld Only
[display device="tablet handheld"]Content shown on tablet and mobile device resolutions.[/display]